LEANNE JARVIS Fresh from the recent breathtaking performances as a finalist on the BBC Show ‘The Voice UK’ Leanne Jarvis has been described as a naturally gifted singer with an amazing range and tone. Leanne has the whole package with her ‘powerhouse vocals’ fun loving personality, looks and her vivacious and hard working attitude! She is now preparing to take the music world by storm and preparing an highly impressive collection of new and original material. Leanne is an amazingly talented performer that has dedicated the larger part of her life to entertaining people, she thrives on seeing the reactions of her audience when she performs and is the happiest when singing on stage. World renowned artist ‘Will.I.AM’ was Leanne’s mentor on the voice and he stated “ I will work with Leanne and would sign her to my label” as well as quoted "Leanne is like the four seasons... She can do it all. She the man... The Wo-man" Leanne says that working with such a huge star as Will helped her really grow as an artist, she also attributes her amazing success to the dedication of her highly talented voice coaches Maureen Scott and Yvie Burnett. Leanne will undoubtedly delight everyone, she lights up the whole venue whenever she performs. Her determined, focused and hard working philosophy is set to make her lifelong dream a wonderful reality. To the world a new star is shining brightly!


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